"Do everything with Honesty,
Truthfulness and Accuracy "
"Work every day to uphold Alliance Construction’s reputation
as a trustworthy and professional company."
"we are driven to pursue excellence and achieve results in all that we do."
"lead, never follow"
"no deadline is as important as the safety of our people"
"treat suppliers and clients as partners in our success"
"conduct our business with a keen respect for the environment and the impact our work has long term"

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About Us

Alliance Construction specializes in the construction of Industrial, Commercial and Institutional projects across Ontario. From conception to completion, Alliance combines the expertise of its industry with the personal touch of a boutique firm.



At Alliance Construction, we realize that as construction projects become more and more complex with a great deal of moving parts, the need for a specialized approach has never been more necessary. The firm’s knowledgeable, design-driven presence is a quiet but essential element of a project’s success. Rather than working with multiple contractors and consultants, Alliance gives clients the option to work with one provider. By working singularly with all relevant parties from the design phase on, we’re better able to ensure a successful and efficient partnership. We have developed a team of like-minded professionals and understand the importance of using quality craftsmanship and tradespeople who can work together with our clients, employees, and suppliers. Now, all the way to completion.

“We aren’t one of the giants of the industry – and we don’t want to be,”
– Alliance partner Kevin Porter.

Construction Management

The Construction Management model allows clients to work with the chosen builder and architect simultaneously. The resulting collaboration between design and construction professionals is a project devoid of the traditional issues synonymous with big construction projects. Alliance Construction’s leading edge project management systems and people allow us to manage the design, cost, scheduling, efficiencies, safety, environmental protection, coordination and client input. All stopgaps put in place to ensure the smooth creation of your next project.

“We have a tremendous amount of respect for designers – and we’re committed to bringing their visions to life.”
– Alliance partner Fraser Muir.

General Contracting

Alliance Construction’s general contracting services specialize in the construction/retrofitting of retail establishments, restaurants, shopping centres, office buildings, industrial and more throughout Ontario and beyond. We supervise the day-to-day oversight of all our projects to ensure the highest level of quality and craftsmanship. From the management of vendors and trades and the communication of information to all involved parties throughout the course of a building project, Alliance Construction is there to ensure the job is on time and on budget. By consistently delivering on our promises every, single, day, we’ve been able to build an unparalleled reputation by adhering to aggressive project schedules and, at times, incredible budget constraints.

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